Broadcast Lens Connections

Broadcast lenses, for most Television and Live setup’s the camera your using is going to have either a Canon or Fujinon lens. Below I have tried to layout how best to determine whether your particular lens has built-in servos (Zoom & Focus). Just about every lens you encounter will have a zoom servo built-in, however not all lenses will have a focus servo built-in, sometimes these lenses are referred to using the name “Tri_Servo” meaning they have a zoom, focus and Iris servo built-into them. Don’t assume that the lens you get (or plan on using) with your camera will have the focus servo built-in.

I have put together some information that should help in figuring out what you are going to need, below we will start with Canon Lenses.



Let’s take a look at the images below that will help you figure out if the lens you have does in fact have a focus servo built-in Canon lenses first:



As you can see the lens model number has all the configuration information you need to determine what your lens has. In the image above you will see the top of the lens where you will usually find the model number of the lens, after the focal length numbers there are a grouping of 4 letters (in the grey outline) these letters are the optical configuration of the lens. Starting with the first letter in this case is a “K” this tells us whether there is an extender on this lens, with it being a “K” there is no extender, now the second letter (noted in red in the above image) is the one we are interested in (it is always the second letter) as this one tells us whether the lens has the built in servo and as you can see according to the chart above the second letter is “A” and if we look at the chart and we have an “A” or “T” the lens has the built in servo.

So now that we have determined that the lens has the built-in focus servo